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This is Roo, our Kangowrite guide.  Did you know that kangaroos cannot jump backward? Their legs are anatomically made to always leap forward. Roo will guide your students through our simple process to organize and write their next assignment.  She will keep them on track and with forward momentum to help them achieve writing success. 


Introduce Kangowrite in your classroom today and watch your students become confident, organized, motivated writers.  Here is why Kangowrite is the best solution for your school: 

  • Encourages time management 

  • Fosters independent thinking and writing 

  • Promotes automaticity in the writing process

  • Develops note-taking and organizational skills

A Teacher's Note about Kangowrite


Teaching students how to write research papers is often challenging. Students get bogged down with the research writing process versus writing a paper that enhances their learning. You often have to answers like: Where do I begin? How do I cite my research? What is due when? What does my thesis need? How do I incorporate the research I gather, while not getting caught plagiarizing?


Using Kangowrite’s 6 step process to supplement classroom instruction helps teachers, and students, maintain the integrity of the writing process while establishing a system where students can organize both their time, research, citation requirements, and due dates. The step by step process simplifies the research writing process to avoid writer’s block. Kangowrite’s dashboard, reminders, and help guide videos explain each step to the student and are available at their discretion and for multiple views.  The Info Button and Dos and Don’ts in Writing serve as additional reminders and self-checks for students as they move through the process. Additionally, Kangowrite uses visual cues and color codes to help students identify strong research and where more is needed.  


So, if Kangowrite does so much, what more do we need as educators? Kangowrite provides educators with detailed examples, tutorials, and access to student assignments to ensure the students are completing the research writing process, meeting requirements, and on the right path before it’s too late. Instead of endless handouts and hypothetical examples, Kangowrite assists teachers in making the writing process of research papers less overwhelming for students of all levels. Educators are encouraged to use Kangowrite starting in middle school, in all subjects, to establish strong, effective research skills and habits that can be built upon throughout their educational career.


Tessie Bravo

Middle School Language Arts Teacher


Kangowrite Paper Tool



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